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Welcome to my colorful world! 

       I live in SW Florida's perpetual summer surrounded by lush greenery, blooming flowers and trees, embellished by intensely blue skies and the teal ocean. Wildlife is abundant and fascinating to the artist's soul. The beauty of my surroundings is a common feature in my work and has led me to trust in the natural world.  The vivid sunsets, flora and fauna proves that beauty is alive and well, and offers an invitation to fully participate in life. A hibiscus bloom lasts one day but the beauty in that one bloom is infinite.  As I paint with water, acrylics, or oils the colors dance on the surface as I jam to the music that plays in the background. I move the art instrument in an expression of my lush joy contrasted against our highly fast paced technological world that has forgotten the importance of preserving nature and denounces beauty as cliché.  I want to encourage a revival of stopping to “smell the flowers” - a fresh burst of ocean air to entice you to slow down and take in the beauty and complexities of our finite moments. I invite you to breath in and exhale slowly to restore a sense of balance as we communicate through the universal language of art. Painting is my language and I communicate it through composition, line and color. This practice of cultivating beauty is a constant reminder of the cycles of birth, growth, and maturity and the very fleeting nature of a bloom or a life.  This is my practice to remain fully present, intentional, and alive, and most importantly to share this with you. 


        I encourage you to let your mind wander about moments and feelings, truths and passions, connections and spontaneity as you unbusy yourself and bring your own personal truth to connect with my expressions of creative energy. Take the joy I have given to my work into yourself and take a piece of my world with you.


Thank you for sharing my journey.

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